Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today I'm using Rich...

Rich Argan Leave In Conditioner
Rich Pure Luxury Moisture Leave In Conditioner

You may already be familiar with Rich haircare from my previous post about the shampoo and conditioner.

When I was sent them, I also received this  Leave in Conditioner, and I was probably the most excited about that than anything else.

As I picked it up this morning before I dried my hair it dawned on me just how much of a staple it's become in my (admittedly very limited)  haircare routine. 

I'm growing my hair long and it's had balyage and highlights on a few occassions so I have to take care of the ends. I've passed the 3-month mark since my last haircut and my hair is only just beginning to show signs of wear. 

I put a lot of this down to the extra conditioning action I'm getting from my leave in conditioner. It's a light mist, as opposed to a cream, and you brush it through damp hair. It has UV and heat protecting elements - can't get too much of that, can we, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy and has nice things that nourish and strengthen hair.

150ml of this lovely stuff is only €6.99
Rich haircare is available in pharmacies - have you picked up any?


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