Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today I'm hungry ...

Neon Cakepops
Neon Cake Pops - (credit: Dr. Oetker Baking Ireland)

Three days ago I decided my efforts to cut out wheat from my diet were going well. It's about changing your routine. I found new foods I liked and successfully avoided temptation and made my alternative choices. FYI - spelt bread is the bomb! I even have Boyfriend liking it. Rice instead of noodles - you'll hardly miss them.

Next on the list is processed sugar. The amount of processing our food goes through has always been something that played on my mind. For the most part is seems unnecessary (and here's the hippy in me talking - purely for commercial gain).

Also processed sugar is not exactly doing me any favours if I'm *cough* still trying to loose the weight I put on in college *cough cough* 2 years ago...

Then I saw this picture on the Dr. Oetker Ireland Facebook page ... It's really not helping!

Anyone else trying to eat healthy?
Do you diet or is it just for general healthy living?


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