Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lip Glosses I love (and I don't even like lip gloss)

Benefit and Lancome Lip Glosses
Benefit Hoola, Lancome Gloss in Love Peach Show, Lancome Gloss in Love Scarlett Starlet, Benefit A-Lister
I'll admit it. I don't like lip gloss. But I like these ...

Lip gloss to me makes me think of sticky, sickly pink, synthetic vanilla, trashy mess. Yes, I hated lip gloss. It stuck to to your hair. The tubes burst became unusable. It went off and turned weird shades of brown.

For a long time I swore off gloss until these, grown-up glosses came into my life.

Benefit Hoola Gloss

Hoola is, as you can probably tell is the gloss accompaniment to Hoola Bronzer giving a subtle brown/bronze hue. I think browns are the most beautiful nude tones, as opposed to fleshy-colours, if you read my review of YSL's Beige Instinct you'd know this. And you'd also know I claimed not to like lip gloss at all. Oh how the winds have changed. Hoola is light, smooth, soft, shimmery but not un-naturally shiny. No sickly smell, not sticky in the slightest and just what I needed to ease back into lip gloss love.

Benefit Colour Collection gloss A-lister

A-Lister is from the new Core Colour Collection, with Art Deco inspired packaging, so if anything else I just wanted to look at it even if I didn't wear it! The pink colour initially scared me, with 90s gloss flash backs creeping back in. But I had nothing to worry about. The formula was just as soft, if not softer than Hoola with a gentle peachy-bubblegum-pink tint. Giving your lips a sheen rather than a shine, it's great for days were I want to look put together but not like I've piled on the products.

Lancome Gloss In Love
Lancome Gloss in Love in Scarlett Starlette and Peach Show

Gloss in Love were the glosses that made me feel like I could actually love glosses again. Beautifully soft, they glide on and have just the softest formula complete with delicate glitter that settles on your lips after the colour and gloss itself has worn off. I'll wear these by themselves for a hint of colour or over a lip pencil in a similar colour for a particularly glamourous lip look. They're also quite moisturising too, making them the perfect on-the-go gloss that sit very happily in my handbag.

Am I crazy to have sworn off gloss for so long?
Which gloss should I try next?


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