Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Nupo Diet - Days 7 - 10: How it feels to be on the home stretch

Days 7 and 10 passed in a blur. After all the anticipation of reaching the half-way point I never took any note.

Have started on a Saturday the mid-point fell on a Saturday, which was a day full of Saturday things and running around. No time for diet thoughts. And day 10 - the time I thought I would be living for the end of milkshakes and vegetable soup, wasn't even a blip on my radar.

At this stage it felt like I was in full auto-pilot mode. It was second nature to grab my shakes in the morning, throw them together throughout the day, and sip away happily at my desk and make myself a soup when I got home.

Evenings I still struggle with timing. Especially when I have an event to go to. Although I was very proud of myself politely declining very tasty-looking tasters at the Blog Awards Launch event and steered well clear of alcohol favouring sparkling water.

A slip up came at day 10 when, at the launch of OohLaLa magazine and Blogger Awards, I had missed a shake (or probably two at that stage) and was starving. I caved and ate an iced doughnut, and do you know what? I didn't even enjoy it. I would have much preferred one my own chocolate shakes (see above Tweet) and known I wasn't tainting my system with processed-sugar rubbish.

A word of warning to fellow and potential Nupo dieters out there. At one point at the weekend I lost my appetite out of frustration due to something completely un-related to the diet. Until about 3pm all I had had was some water, a coffee and some Diet Coke. I should have persevered with shakes, despite my lack of appetite, because boy did I feel awful when the hunger and lack-of-energy finally hit me. Also your body goes into preservation mode when you're not eating, anything you eat after that it will want to hold on to for fear it has to go without again.

Feedback has been positive. Mum remarked I looked like I had lost some weight and Boyfriend said there's a noticeable difference - which he wasn't expecting as he didn't think I had anything that needed loosing (always the charmer).

The real compliment was that he said this as I was wearing sweats. So there's a selling point, 1 week on Nupo and I look thinner in my fat clothes!

So lessons learned now that we're on the home stretch?
Stick with it, you're almost there.


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