Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nupo Day 1

I never thought I would be a person to go on a diet... but here I am

Sure I've cut down on junk food and had a few health kicks in my time when I had an event coming up, however I've never made the conscious effort to be "on a diet".

My coping mechanism when I'm stressed or upset is to treat myself. Do something to make myself feel special. This usually involves buying something (although it can never be just one thing) or eating something (again, never just one thing).

So, on a day when my jeans were feeling particularly uncomfortable I got an email about Nupo Ireland.

Nupo is a diet program with shakes, soups, meal bars and snack bars that give you all the vitamins and nutrients you need, while helping you feel full throughout the day while keeping your calorie count low. (cue the flashbacks of SlimFast in the 90s) 

To say I was tempted was an understatement. So tempted I offered to give it a go. The first stage was a phonecall with a nutritionist - which was nicely reassuring then I was sent out 2 weeks worth of product for a VLCD - very low calorie diet. I'll be having a shake or soup (the meal bars aren't veggie-friendly) every few hours, making for 6 "meals" a day.

So, Day 1 - how have I done? Well firstly I'm glad I've chosen to start on Bank Holiday Weekend because I know it's going to take some adjusting to.

I don't feel starving, although I do feel like I've a little less energy than usual. The shakes are tasty, especially the cocoa and coffee. The soup needs seasoning but it's otherwise nice. The first day wasn't tough or easy but I know I haven't won the war yet and at least I have the snack bars (chocolate or cranberry) in case of emergencies.

Although right at this moment, I really have to pee ... again

Have you ever been on a diet?
Do you think they're worth the hype?


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