Monday, August 5, 2013

Nupo Day 3

So rather than bore you with daily updates, I thought it best to write on milestone days. 1,3,5,7,10 and 14 - the last day.

Day 3 I found was when my patience was tested. No longer was this milkshakes, soups and plenty of water a fad it was going to be my life for the next while.

It's becoming strange not to have to think about food. Which I know sounds really weird. But I'm starting to realise how many of my eating habits were just that, habits. I made excuses for myself, rationalised, tried to justify so many things to myself. Ate even though I wasn't hungry, ate more than I needed to to feel satisfied.

I'm not sick of the shakes yet, thankfully. I find the veg soup is really nice with curry powder mixed in (it really does need seasoning). The hunger only creeps in around evening time. Usually around time for a late afternoon shake which I might follow up with tea and it's gone again. I'm never sitting around starving watching the clock. Today, while in Dundrum I had a non-fat cappuccino and kept a bottle of water with me, but there's nothing unusual there that's an average Saturday for me. I just resisted buying a cookie or having any of my sisters. It's the little victories in this game!

I've wanted to cheat a number of times but haven't so far. I'm keeping the chocolate shakes as treats - because if I could I would drink them all day. If anything I'm learning that I don't need to eat every time I think about eating. If that's all I take away from this experience I'll be more than happy.

What I will say about any visible results so far, it's far too early to tell. However, I was trying on dresses earlier and felt they fit really well because the bloating I often get from eating wheat/grains is well and truly out of the picture.

A word from those around me - Boyfriend has expressed his concerns that the weight I do loose will come off my chest, aka The Girls. Priorities. right?

Have you ever had to face the Day 3 diet milestone?
Would you admit to cheating on a diet?


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